Optimising Therapy to prevent avoidable hospital admissions in the multimorbid elderly


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Developmant of  core outcome set for medication review in older patients with multimorbidity and polypharmacy:
a study protocol

Jean-Baptiste Beuscart, Olivia Dalleur, Benoit Boland, Stefanie Thevelin, Wilma Knol, Shane Cullinan, Claudio Schneider, Denis O’Mahony, Nicolas Rodondi, Anne Spinewine
Clinical Intervention in Aging, August 2017:12  1379-1389


A systematic review of the outcomes reported in trials of medication review in older patients: the need for a core outcome set
Jean-Baptiste Beuscart , Lisa G. Pont, Stefanie Thevelin, Benoit Boland, Olivia Dalleur, Anne W., S. Rutjes, Johanna I. Westbrook and Anne Spinewine
Br J Clin Pharmacol (2017) 83  942-952